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Power up today and climb beyond - there is a unique beauty and calling within you!

In this Apostolic Ministry we make God's solutions, love and salvation tangible to this world. With color, excellence, and gusto!

Are you dreaming of being a leader, bringing your solutions, your revelations from God out to the world? Do you hear a call from God?
Did you already try to start to grow a house group, coaching activities, or even a church?
I know, this can take a lot of effort and substance - as an experienced entrepreneur and with many years of pastoring a ministry, I can understand well.


This is the place, where you get support on

  • how to become a successful transformational coach, and how to monetize it properly, to generate income.
  • You'll learn how to address and coach also non-Christians.
  • You'll get support on how to teach and build your house group, or church.
  • You'll get additional keys on to win the lost, teach the Gospel with a strong Christ Consciousness that will bring boldness to everyone, bringing sustainable healing to pain, how to encounter God, and empower others, in doing the same.

This is the place, where growth from past pains into leadership skills is possible.

Sometimes we need a guide, or someone just believing in us and empowering us, or a specific anointing, to get traction in the assignment, we already received from God. In order to fulfill the calling with great impact -  and with success. This is what you get here.

Now, we will start with the new program "90-day from pain to purpose. How to become a successful coach."
To get more information and/or to be part of it,
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DIVINE SUCCESS CAOCHING will bring clarity on your path and purpose to pain. I offer you a FREE strategy session today. Sign up for FREE  and click HERE.

"I help professionals and leaders, to embrace their uniqueness, to avoid the stress of being without purpose,
to turn pain into a purposeful, fulfilled life with divine connection, impact and success."

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ENCOUNTER THE FATHER - A proven Guide to the Love of God - Written by Sarah Fischer

“Sarah has inspired and helped me to find an inner home with the Father, in a completely new way.”

Martin Burger


Martin Burger


“Sarah encouraged and taught me in a great way, for I found a much closer relationship with God. This has changed my life for good in a big dimension. Her humorous and easy to apply impact with her strong faith is an important blessing to the body of Christ.”

Alexandra Taufer

Commercial Executive

Alexandra Taufer

Commercial Executive

"Sarah was showing me, how to hear from God, and to find more wisdom and guidance for a successful life. She encouraged me to keep up, and to walk in my God given gifts – live has become so exciting! Her teachings are always uplifting and inspiring."

"She taught me to find the way to the Fathers heart and also to find the way back to my own heart, to my own needs and to my own will. Now I know my original much better and I know, God has always more than a smile for me."

"In my darkest moment Sarah helped me with her kindness and empathy to finally find healing from the past and to live a fulfilled life with purpose."

"Since Sarah prayed a prayer with authority in my house and blessed it, I feel very comfortable and at home. Her lifestyle showed me, how I can have a love relationship with God and yet a vibrant life."

Power up today in your uniqueness!

I offer you a FREE strategy session today. Sign up for FREE DIVINE SUCCESS CAOCHING and click HERE.


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