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ENCOUNTER THE FATHER - Intimacy With God and How to get Closer With Him - Written by Sarah Fischer

Sarah Fischer

Expert, Speaker & Coach

Sarah Fischer was working as a life COACH for over 15 years. She was teaching and helping many the #1 insights and tools, how to find God's "genuine love" and a blissful relationship with the Father.
Her vision is to equip many to move from knowing about God into experiencing him, in his compassion, kindness and mindfulness.

This is an exciting place of being at home with the Father, of hearing him speaking, of unfolding potential and ressources.
This is a place of solution, joy, fulfillment and impact.
Her vision is to train Christians and leaders, to be able to support others, in finding a breakthrough - from where will flow godly compassion and fruitfulness.

After an important time of seeking the Father, she had her first encounter, that changed her life.
Her passion for the Father and his love that sets free into relationship and destiny, that brings solutions for relationships, mariages and other areas of life - has made her done over 10 years of studies, researches and book writing in that field.

She is the founder and CEO of the “Fatherhouse and Healingschool” in Switzerland and she travels as an international speaker to many nations to bring the Father’s message and salvation.

Do you feel like a God encounter is missing in your life?

Sarah Fischer helps people of all ages, from professional to leaders, Pastors, highly educated.
Christians or non Christians. Who are seeking an encounter with the Father, who are seeking that

"genuine love"

who want to grow in the relationship with God.
Wishes more fulfillment, a meaningful life, develop more of the potential or want to find purpose and calling.
Those who want to hear the voice of God with more clarity.

Get help, introductions and easy to apply tools to encounter the Father. To find freedom from the past, find guidance, love, rest and an inner home with him.

It's all about a delightful relationship with our creator, our Father.
Be welcome on this website and get inspired, to head for your new horizons, for your open heaven. For all this amazing good things, the Father has in store for YOU. It's your time!

Do you need a change or solutions in your life? 
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Encounter the Father Ministry - find new horizons



This transformational coaching curriculum is designed to bring the bliss of God into your life:
To get instructions, how to experience more of the loving Father, to find the own free will to make good desicions, to find a better life quality and to find an inner home with him. 
I support you in finding a deeper relatoinship with God and to hear his voice. This will open up new horizons.
You receive guidance how you can apply proven tools to get free from the past and experience a permanent change for a meaningful life.
I am helping you in developping your unnique potential, purpose and calling, to step into the next level personally, spiritually, in your  business or ministry.

Coach Sarah sais: "Independent of ones status or position in society, researches have shown that, the more an individual knows that God has goodness for him or her, the easier and more exciting life would be.
And this is what God the Father wants to reveal to everyone who want to know him better or in a deeper way.
I help you to bring the head knowledge of the goodness of God into the place, where it's experiencable."
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Learn how to enocunter the Father in his welcoming love and find an inner home with him.
You discover a new level in hearing God's voice and finding breakthrough from the past. 
You will enjoy a familial atmosphere and find progress for your personal and professional life - to find the essence of your uniquenness; your life with destiny, in the Father's love and wisdom.

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When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will inspire, entertain and create positive change. You want more than temporary motivation… you want to create permanent transformation!

After all, it’s your responsibility to make the event memorable, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.
Sarah Fischer delivers relationship and skill-building content and cutting-edge insights that will educate and energize your audience. Learn more about our customized, tailored-to-you speaking services here.

Her main topics are:
- The love of the Father
- Evangelism made easy
- Healing
- Prophecy
- Inner healing with bliss and more…











“Sarah has inspired and helped me to find an inner home with the Father, in a completely new way.”

Martin Burger


Martin Burger


“Sarah encouraged and taught me in a great way, for I found a much closer relationship with God. This has changed my life for good in a big dimension. Her humorous and easy to apply impact with her strong faith is an important blessing to the body of Christ.”

Alexandra Taufer

Commercial Executive

Alexandra Taufer

Commercial Executive

"Sarah was showing me, how to hear from God, and to find more wisdom and guidance for a successful life. She encouraged me to keep up, and to walk in my God given gifts – live has become so exciting! Her teachings are always uplifting and inspiring."

"She taught me to find the way to the Fathers heart and also to find the way back to my own heart, to my own needs and to my own will. Now I know my original much better and I know, God has always more than a smile for me."

"In my darkest moment Sarah helped me with her kindness and empathy to finally find healing from the past and to live a fulfilled life with purpose."

"Since Sarah prayed a prayer with authority in my house and blessed it, I feel very comfortable and at home. Her lifestyle showed me, how I can have a love relationship with God and yet a vibrant life."


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